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European Union Leadership on the Agreement on Iran’s Nuclear Program

European Union leaders welcomed the agreement reached in Geneva between the European Union, negotiating on behalf of the E3+3 countries, and Iran.

European Parliament President Martin Schulz “paid tribute to the unity of the international community on the Iran nuclear deal and to all involved. Diplomacy can bring results.”

Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, said “Addressing effectively this question will have significant regional and global effects. It will reduce political tensions, contribute to build trust and support the promotion of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.” He added that this “step shows the commitment and courage by all parties, including by Iran under newly elected President Rouhani.” European Commission President José Manuel Barroso referred to the agreement as “a major breakthrough for global security and stability” and said that “this achievement is also a result of the EU’s two track policy and a real testimony of our attachment to regional and global stability.”

They commended EU High Representative Catherine Ashton – as negotiator on behalf of E3/EU+3 and co-chair of the talks. President Van Rompuy stressed that her “dedication and perseverance have been key in brokering this first agreement,” and President Barroso congratulated her “for this accomplishment which is a result of her tireless engagement and dedication to the issue over the last 4 years.”

João Vale de Almeida, European Union Ambassador to the U.S., noted that the “Iran deal shows dialogue, based on solid principles, can deliver solutions. That is how we built the EU.” He added the deal “also shows that principles are best served by coordinated action by those who stand by them. [The] EU/US worked effectively together.”

President Van Rompuy concluded that “it is now crucial to ensure the punctual implementation of the agreement reached and to continue working, on the basis of the trust that is being built, towards a definitive settlement of this issue” and President Barroso stressed the importance for  all parties to  “continue to cooperate in a constructive spirit in the implementation of the agreement so that clear guarantees can be given to the international community regarding the peaceful and civilian nature of Iran’s nuclear program as well as a full cooperation with the IAEA.”


Joint Statement of the EU High Rep and Iran Foreign Minister Zarif

Full statement by President Van Rompuy

Full statement by President Barroso