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Startup Europe: Easing the Way for Innovative Businesses in the EU

Some of Europe’s top entrepreneurs and startup pioneers—including the founders of Spotify (the digital music service), Rovio (Angry Birds), and Skype—have presented EU leaders with the Startup Europe Manifesto, describing how Europe needs to adapt for the digital age. Drawn up by the nine-member Startup Leaders Club, the manifesto draws on the combined experience of dozens of Europeans who have imagined, built, and expanded successful businesses.

The Manifesto, welcomed and supported by the EU, includes recommendations like creating a pan-European startup visa, increasing private and institutional investment in startups, and appointing a Chief Digital Officer in each country. The goal is to remove barriers and encourage an innovative 21st century approach to starting and sustaining a business in Europe.

European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes, responsible for the EU’s Digital Agenda, is committed to helping startups. She says, “Let’s give startups what they need for success: recognition, resources, and the right rules…. our Startup Europe program makes it easier for startups to access the resources they need, whether it is web-friendly accelerators, venture capital investment, or new tools like crowdfunding.”

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