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Death Penalty Archive

The European Union (EU) is opposed to the death penalty in all cases and has consistently espoused its universal abolition, working towards this goal. In countries that maintain the death penalty, the EU aims at the progressive restriction of its scope and respect for the strict conditions set forth in several international human rights instruments, under which capital punishment may be used, as well as at the establishment of a moratorium on executions so as to eliminate the death penalty completely. The EU is deeply concerned about the increasing number of executions in the United States of America (USA), all the more since the great majority of executions since reinstatement of the death penalty in 1976 have been carried out during the 1990s through today. The following collection of documents (Death Penalty Archive) includes key policy statements by the EU, actions on specific death row cases in the US and links to international and other agreements cited in the various documents.

Watch the video from our EU Rendez-Vous: The Death Penalty in the US: On the Cusp of Repeal

Special Publication: The Death Penalty in the OSCE Area; Background Paper 2009 – Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights.


OSCE Permanent Council Nr 1038
Vienna, 5 February 2015 – EU Statement on the Application of the Death Penalty in the United States of America

Action on US Death Row Cases: