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Bid on a Contract



Early information notice EU policy and outreach partnership

More information will follow early January.


The European External Action Service (EEAS), represented by the Head of the Delegation to the USA is planning to award the service contract referred to above. Please find below  the related tender specifications listing all the documents that must be produced in order to submit a tender, and the draft contract.

If you are interested in this contract, you should submit a tender in one original and two copies in English.

Tenderers shall submit their tender by letter:

a)   either by post or by courier not later than Thursday November 12, 2015 in which case the evidence of the date of dispatch shall be constituted by the postmark or the date of the deposit slip, to the address indicated below.

b)   or delivered by hand not later than 4PM EST on Thursday November 12, 2015  to the address indicated below. In this case, a receipt must be obtained as proof of submission, signed and dated by the security guard who took delivery.

Catering and Support Services for Events Organized by the Science, Technology and Innovation Section of the EU Delegation

The Delegation of the European Union to the United States seeks a contractor for the organizational and logistical services in connection with events organized by the EU Delegation of the EU to the USA. 

The categories of events for which the services are required include:

1.       Conversations in Culture, a series of monthly evening programs

2.       Ad hoc Cultural Events

3.       EU Embassies’ Open House, 1-day event 

4.       EU Rendez-Vous, a series of discussions on 21st century issues

Open invitation to tender EEAS-454-DELUSAW-SER-FWC-2015- Lot 1 Travel services 2015/S 171-310366

Please submit your bid by Friday November 6, 2015

Open invitation to tender EEAS-454-DELUSAW-SER-FWC-2015- Lot 2 Accommodation Arrangements and Related Services 2015/S 171-310366

Please submit your bid by Friday November 6, 2015

We also offer an overview of all past contracts and invite you to learn more about Contracts from the EEAS .

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