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Bid on a Contract



The European Union Delegation to the USA is seeking a contractor for the ad hoc rental and operating of I.T. equipment and livestreaming of events taking place in Washington DC.

Please find attached the related Tender Specifications listing all the documents that must be produced in order to submit a tender, as well as the draft contract.

The deadline to submit a proposal is 19 July 2016.

Contract Notice: International urban cooperation: sustainable and innovative cities and regions — regional action North America

Service Contract Notice: United States-Washington DC: EU policy and outreach partnership

Want to contribute to EU public diplomacy in the United States and get paid for it? Check out the EU Policy and Outreach Partnership (EU POP) for the United States. EU POP is a European Commission service contract that will fund activities throughout the U.S. geared toward facilitating continued understanding of the EU—its values, principles, and policies—in the U.S.

Procurement Procedure: WAS-ADM-001-2016Renovation works at the residence of the Head of Delegation in Washington DC, United States of America

Dear Sir/ Madam,

The Delegation of the EU to the USA invites all interested companies to submit their proposal for renovation works in the Residence of the EU Ambassador to the USA.

All interested companies who show an interest to provide an offer, in accordance with the requirements in the below listed procurement documents, should carefully consider the requirements in the Invitation to Tender and the Technical Specification.


Only the companies expressing their interest in the procurement procedure will receive the Annex 1 of the Tender Specification WAS-ADM-001-2016, Architect drawings. Companies must be fully bonded, insured and registered.

If you are interested in bidding for this procedure, you should send an e-mail to:

By providing following Information:

Name of the company


Recipient name

Position in the company

We will respond to your request promptly.


  1. Invitation to Bid (in pdf) 1. Invitation to Bid WAS-ADM-001-2016
  2. Annex 1 to Invitation to Bid – Tender Specifications

- Annex 1 to Invitation to bid Tender Specification – Drawings (please read above)

- Annex 2 to Tender specification Declaration of honour

- Annex 3 to Tender specification Pricing

3. Annex 2 to Invitation to bid Draft Contract

4. Q and A 1

5. Q and A 2

6. Q and A 3

7. Q and A 4

8. Q and A 5

We also offer an overview of all past contracts and invite you to learn more about Contracts from the EEAS .

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