Consular Protection


When living or traveling outside the EU, you sometimes need help from your embassy/consulate – but what if your country has no diplomatic mission in that country?

No problem – under EU law you’re entitled to help from any other EU Member State‘s embassy/consulate - under the same conditions as their nationals.

So exactly what help can you get in such situations?

You are eligible for consular protection if you are:

  • national of an EU Member State
  • in distress in a country outside the EU where your country does not have an embassy/consulate

Typical situations where you may need help

  • passport lost or stolen
  • serious accident or illness
  • violent crime
  • arrest or detention
  • emergency relief / repatriation (natural disasters, civil unrest, armed conflict or other emergencies)
  • death while abroad

All assistance and notification of your relatives, friends, doctor and/or employer at home will be handled by the embassy/consulate you approached, through your own country’s foreign ministry.

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