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Please note: We are currently in the progress of reviewing our Internship program. If you have any questions please contact our Internship Coordinator.

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Please see below an overview of which EU Institutions offer internships for Non-EU Nationals. Click on the name of the organization for more information.

  Does this institution offer internships for Non-EU Nationals?
EUROPEAN COMMISSION YES – EUROPEAN COMMISSION allows a limited number of non-EU nationals.
COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION   NO –COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION does not allow non-EU nationals to apply according to their rules
EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT YES –EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT allows up to 10% of traineeships to go to non-EU nationalsFor more information visit:    
EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK YES –EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK may allow some non-EU nationals based on organisational needs.  
EUROPEAN COURT OF AUDITORS   NO – EUROPEAN COURT OF AUDITORS is restricted to EU nationals unless there is a special derogation:
EUROPEAN ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COMMITTEE YES –EUROPEAN ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COMMITTEE does allow non-EU nationals to participate in their traineeship programme.    
EUROPEAN INVESTMENT BANK  YES – EUROPEAN INVESTMENT BANK does allow a limited number of non-EU nationals.   
EUROPEAN OMBUDSMAN   NO, with some exceptions – EUROPEAN OMBUDSMAN does not normally allow non-EU nationals to apply for a traineeship but may derogate in the interest of the service 
COMMITTEE OF THE REGIONS   NO, with some exceptions – COMMITTEE OF THE REGIONS only allows non-EU nationals in exceptional circumstances: