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Meet Our Staff

ISE West Executive Forum & Awards 2011

The Delegation employs approximately 90 staff members and about 30 of them are EU diplomats. The remaining members of our staff are diplomats seconded from EU Member States or locally-engaged staff from the United States, Europe, and other countries.

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Senior Management

Meet the Head and Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to the United States and their senior management staff.... Read more


Administration Section

The Admin Section is responsible for provision of support services for the Delegation staff, building and residences--through the authorized allocation of budgetary resources, liaising with appropriate authorities in the European Commission and the US--including the US State Department--on all protocol and administrative matters related to EU officials.... Read more


Economic and Financial Affairs Section

EF monitors and assesses US economic performance and liaises with US authorities dealing with economic, financial and monetary issues. It also liaises with the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Multilateral Development Banks in areas of interest to the EU.... Read more


Food Safety, Health and Consumer Affairs Section

The Food Safety, Health and Consumer Affairs Section is responsible for monitoring and analysing developments in the areas of food safety (which includes plant and animal health, and animal welfare), public health and healthcare, and consumer protection. It maintains close contact in all these areas with the US administration, US Congress, industry, academia, and consumer groups.... Read more


Political, Security and Development Section

This section follows all aspects of the New Transatlantic Agenda (NTA) and maintains close contacts with the US Administration and Congress on foreign, security, and development policy, counterterrorism, justice and home affairs and other issues including human rights. ... Read more


Press and Public Diplomacy Section

Press and Public Diplomacy has the crucial task of enhancing awareness of the EU in the US. It produces and distributes information materials, maintains the Delegation’s website, organizes speaking tours and deals with public inquiries. ... Read more


Science, Technology and Innovation Section

This section monitors and analyses U.S. political, economic and regulatory developments in the areas of research and Innovation and facilitates both strategic high level and bottom-up transatlantic S&T cooperation. It works closely with the U.S. Administration, Congress, research universities, national laboratories, high tech industry and the US-based EU Member States Science Counselors, liaising on all matters with the European Commission.... Read more


Trade and Agriculture Section

This section monitors trade and regulatory developments in the US, including agriculture. It works closely with the US Administration, Congress, business and NGOs.... Read more